Important Dates

July and August 2015

8/15/2015 - Mountlake Terrace - I.S.S. Annual Friends and Family BBQ

Be sure to visit our Facebook page for more information, RSVP, and of course the address!

Long time coming

Feb 2015

So, hello WWW. It has been a long time since we have tried to do anything with our website besides just moving it from host to host. So here is a new site with a new look and a pretty new host. Super big thanks to Dreamhost for hosting our site, and doing so at no cost to us!

Hopefully we will be able to keep up with this new site as things change and move forward for us.

Around the corner we have some prep meetings for this year's upcoming Norwescon, and to go along with that our annual Party in the Box fundraiser. This year's party will be a little different, one it will be on Saturday night, and two, we are going back to having a DJ running the sound instead of our barkeeps trying to stay on top of that while serving and answering questions. We hope to see you there. Remember to Eat, Drink, Dance, and Donate!


Feb 2015

You can now follow us on Twitter. @ImpStardotOrg is up and running! Connect to use directly via Twitter or use the Twitter feed on the lower left of our page! Also be sure to Like us on Facebook for news, meetings, events, and social updates!

Feb 2015

Do you shop at If you do and you do not already have it setup please login at (or click here) and register I.S.S. as your charity of choice. We get a few cents for every eligible order you place at no cost to you. Free to you and every penny counts for us and helps us reach our goals. Thanks!

Meeting Info & Types

Feb 2015

So to get things done, we have to have meetings. Our meetings follow this schedule:

General meetings occur the first month of each quarter, so January, April, July, and October. These meetings are to discuss current events and plan out the next few months of operations.

Our Annual meeting occurs every year in June. This is where we make larger decisions as a group and set some overall operational goals for the year

Election meetings occur in Decembers of even numbered years so 2016, 2018, 2020, etc. Newly elected officers take their roles at the following Annual meetings

Event meeting, sometimes called prep meetings, take place shortly before an event.

Governing Body or GB meetings occur as needed and require minimal notice, but all are still welcome to attend. These usually take place before general meetings

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